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DH Fellow Eduardo Escobar on Analyzing Social Networks and Semantic Networks in Assyriology

DH Fellow Eduardo Escobar, a PhD candidate in Near Eastern Studies, has turned to network analysis to study semantic and social networks in the history of science. In network analysis, a graph’s nodes (e.g. people, places, words) and their connecting edges (kinship, trade routes, synonyms) are visualized, with the goal of providing scholars with new insights.

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Berkeley Prosopography Services Receives Research Seminar Grant from Social Sciences Matrix

Prosopography, the identification and disambiguation of name instances and the study of the interactions and life histories of the people involved, is at the core of many humanities research agendas. Berkeley Prosopography Services (BPS) is a digital tool kit for the disambiguation of namesakes in text corpora, computation of  social network metrics, and generation of  interactive visualizations of those networks.

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