Category: Center for New Music and Audio Technology (CNMAT)

Music 158: Sound, Gesture, and Computing with the Center for New Music and Audio Technology

Researchers and instructors at the Center for New Music and Audio Technology (CNMAT) are expanding their undergraduate course offerings in computer music, building upon decades of interdisciplinary research, performance, tool development, and teaching. DH Fellow Edmund Campion, Professor of Composition in the Music Department and Co-Director of CNMAT, and other instructors at CNMAT have designed curriculum around computer music and digital sound.

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DH on the Syllabus: Courses from Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

Across departments, instructors are experimenting with different ways to incorporate digital humanities methods and critical perspectives into undergraduate and graduate courses. Students are engaging with the digital by exploring computational methods, building models and reconstructions, and developing theoretical critiques and artistic creations. Below, we highlight a few current and upcoming courses taught by DH Fellows and other campus partners.

Fall 2015

The first set of courses featuring new components funded by DH at Berkeley made their debut this fall.

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