Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs) are an essential component to many collaborative research efforts in digital humanities projects. GSRs may not be assigned teaching, administrative, or general assistance duties. Examples of GSR projects include work in Drupal site-building, web development, programming, building databases, and coordinating undergraduate research assistants. See the official description of the GSR position here. To ensure appropriate fee remission and honor collective bargaining agreements, hiring should occur through approved GSR hiring processes; hiring and paying graduate students through informal arrangements is against university policy.

Hiring paperwork will be processed via Campus Shared Services HR. The process is initiated by your department’s Graduate Student Affairs Officers or other authorized department personnel. If you don’t know who this person is, check with your department’s student services staff. Hiring staff should consult Campus Shared Services’ guide to GSR hiring for more information.

GSRs may be eligible for fee remissions that offset either a portion or all of their assessed fees. All graduate students are restricted to working no more than 50% time regardless of the position they hold unless granted written permission by the Head Graduate Advisor of their department. Students should contact their GSAO if they wish to petition the Dean of the Graduate Division. GSR candidates must meet eligibility requirements to be hired. The student must be registered and enrolled in at least 12 units, unless already advanced to doctoral candidacy. For students taking on GSR appointments over the summer sessions term, it is not required that they be registered and enrolled in summer session courses.

A more detailed discussion of the GSR hiring process from the graduate student’s perspective can be found on the Graduate Division website.

Recruiting Resources

Faculty can post jobs in a variety of places. For assistance with publicizing job posts, please contact

Digital Humanities Mailing List

Digital Humanities at Berkeley circulates a weekly newsletter of DH events, news, training, and opportunities on campus. Join the mailing list here. After joining, you can also forward job announcements directly to the list.

Graduate Student Affairs Officers

Graduate Student Affairs Officers (GSAOs) are assigned by department. They will facilitate the hiring process and may also be able circulate job postings to students in that department.

Callisto / Career Center

Callisto is a job listings board available to all students and dues-paying alumni. Employers can register for a free Callisto account on the Career Center’s Employer Login page.

Humanities Department Advisors

Depending on the skills and subject area knowledge required for the project, researchers may wish to circulate the job listing in departments outside their home department. Communications staff will vary from department to department, but department advisors can post jobs to the appropriate mailing list. For assistance, please email the job description and a list of departments you would like to advertise in to

Research Units

Several research units and training centers maintain their own mailing lists and work closely with graduate students. View the DH at Berkeley resource guides for some profiles of our partners, such as the D-Lab and the Berkeley Center for New Media.

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Last updated: Jul 23, 2015