If your research involves collecting, organizing, and accessing a large quantity of information, whether quantitative or qualitative, consider scheduling a visit to the Doe Library Data Lab. You can either make an appointment or drop in during staff hours to receive consultation.

The Library Data Lab offers several services that are useful to researchers in various stages of the research process:

  • statistical analysis consulting
  • exploring new text corpora
  • retrieving data from the Library’s growing data collection
  • web scraping, working with APIs to retrieve data in bulk from other services
  • cleaning up data sets and setting up an environment for analysis
  • purchasing data sets
  • database design best practices
  • setting up a relational database
  • supporting undergraduate instruction
    • ”Teaching with Data” workshops
    • class support

Currently, the Library Data Lab offers help with the following tools:
MS Excel, SAS, SPSS, Stata, MatLab, R, and Python, SQL, Drupal, PHP, MS Access. The Library Data Lab maintains close ties with the Berkeley Institute for Data Science and the Social Sciences D-Lab, and is working to connect a growing network of data resources and consultants on campus.

Located on the first floor of Doe Library, the Library Data Lab has several computers for retrieving, downloading, and manipulating datasets. See the Library Data Lab’s website for the latest information about hours and making an appointment. You can also find the Data Lab on Twitter at @ucdatalab.

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Last updated: Dec 8, 2014