Students working at the CollaboratoryD-Lab is a collaborative space for researchers to learn new data intensive analysis methods, utilize research workspace and tools, and receive consulting advice and training from seasoned analysts. The lab welcomes student as well as professional researchers and is staffed by graduate consultants. D-Lab is open to researchers from all disciplines and levels of experience. Researchers are advised to remember D-Lab’s motto, IOKN2K = “It’s Ok Not to Know!”

Working Groups

D-Lab is home to a variety of working groups that are organized or attended by members of the digital humanities community, such as the DH Working Group, the Computational Text Analysis Working Group, and Drupal Developers’ Circle.  The formation of new working groups is encouraged, and interested research are urged to send a working group proposal to D-Lab if interested.

Consulting Services

D-Lab offers free consulting services on research design, data analysis, data management, and related techniques and technologies, as well as technical assistance with programming packages. Services are available to Berkeley researchers at all levels of experience from novice to advanced. Submit a general intake form to find out which consultant might be a good fit for you.


D-Lab offers short, focused workshops that range from introductory to advanced. Topics include geospatial analysis, application programming interfaces, text analysis, programming fundamentals, databases, and more general advice on academic use of digital methods, and internet data collection. For a list of upcoming workshops, take a look at the D-Lab trainings page. Listings are updated over the course of the semester, so check the list frequently or sign up for the D-Lab’s weekly newsletter.

Research Computing

D-Lab features access to research computers and offers assistance with  cloud computing support, as well as secure protection for confidential data. Software offerings include statistical analysis programs, qualitative data analysis software such as NVivo and ATLAS.ti, Gephi for network analysis, and ArcGIS and QGIS for geospatial analysis, and various R and Python packages. Two labs are located in Barrows 64 (for D-Lab course instruction and graduate teaching) and Evans B3 (for drop-in graduate use). D-Lab also provides access to the UC Data Archive and the California Census Research Data Center upon request.

Workspace Accessibility

D-Lab consists of interlinked suites for collaboration, training, and consulting on the third floor of Barrows hall. Most trainings and meetings are held in the convening room or the Barrows computer lab. The Collaboratory, a space that can be shaped to meet the needs of individuals or groups, features movable furniture, docking stations, large monitors, and four workstations with specialized software. For location information and updates on current open hours, check the D-Lab contact page.

Job Opportunities

Graduate students are employed as team members, consultants, and workshop instructors at D-Lab on a semester-by-semester basis to help other academics access D-Lab’s qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method research opportunities. Undergraduate students are hired as administrative staff and IT support. For a list of current job postings, take a look at the D-Lab Talent Portal.

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Last updated: Jul 9, 2015