CNMAT, UC Berkeley


The UC Berkeley Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT) houses a dynamic group of educational, performance, and research programs focused on the creative interaction between music and technology.  CNMAT’s events program offers a range of concerts, lectures and other public events informed by our research and pedagogy efforts.


CNMAT’s interdisciplinary research agenda is oriented towards investigation and creation of new music. Research Director Adrian Freed oversees an ambitious research program that produces concrete, practical developments in music-related technologies, including widely-adopted innovations such as Open Sound Control (OSC), the Sound Description Interchange Format (SDIF), the CNMAT tools for Max/MSP, loudspeaker and microphone arrays, and the recent cross-platform “odot” programming objects.

New Music, Pedagogy and Training

CNMAT’s educational program integrates a Music and Technology component into the Department of Music’s graduate and undergraduate curriculum in music. With access to CNMAT’s twenty-five year legacy of software development, students learn about and create new music.  A recent two-year grant from the Digital Humanities at Berkeley supports CNMAT’s efforts to pioneer a new set of courses that combine study in music/sound with coding. The overall goal is to formally link CNMAT research, development, production, and pedagogy with the recently approved Department of Music undergraduate curriculum plan.  The CNMAT Users Group and the Music Information Retrieval Group at CNMAT provide opportunities for graduate students to create projects and participate at CNMAT.

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Last updated: Apr 6, 2016