The Archaeological Research Facility (ARF) supports archaeological field and laboratory research conducted by U.C. Berkeley archaeologists and related specialists. The ARF raises funding, publishes reports, sponsors lectures and workshops, and provides equipment for archaeological analysis. ARF scholars and faculty associates come from a variety of departments and disciplines such as Geography, Anthropology, Near Eastern Studies, History, and Classics.

Photograph of ARF exteriorLectures and Events

The ARF hosts a variety of lectures, workshops, brown bag discussions, and special presentations, all of which are open to the public and are hosted by the Archaeological Research Facility in the seminar room (room 101) of the ARF building at 2251 College. Visit the ARF events calendar for a full listing of upcoming offerings and subscribe to their weekly email for a summary of upcoming archaeology-related events on campus, at nearby museums, and at other universities in the Bay Area.

Research Projects

A variety of research projects are supported by the ARF, involving both fieldwork and the digital representation of archaeological findings. Several DH Fellows are engaged with the ARF:

  • J. Theodore Peña, Professor, Classics: developing a visualization tool for online archaeological data based on a Harris Matrix diagram
  • Rita Lucarelli, Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Studies: creating photogrammetric models of funerary objects to study the materiality of Book of the Dead texts.
  • Lisa Trever, Assistant Professor, History of Art:  teaching 3D modeling techniques for spatial documentation and interpretation of South American mural paintings

Image credit: Center for Digital Archaeology, shared under CC BY-NC 2.0 

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Last updated: Dec 14, 2015