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Bay Area Digital Humanities Meetup

The Bay Area Digital Humanities Meetup brings together people from the academy and industry to explore topics such as network analysis, data visualization, text mining, and digital collections. Meetup members include researchers, students, data scientists, engineers, designers, librarians, and archivists. Co-organized by staff at Stanford and UC Berkeley, the Bay Area DH Meetup gathers quarterly and rotates around the region.

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Berkeley Digital Humanities Working Group (BDHWG)

Sponsored by the Townsend Center for the Humanities and hosted at the D-Lab, the Berkeley Digital Humanities Working Group is a “low-stakes, no-prep” place for the DH community to gather on a regular basis to explore a variety of tools and topics. Members include a diverse range of students, staff, and faculty. Events have included:

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Students working at the CollaboratoryD-Lab is a collaborative space for researchers to learn new data intensive analysis methods, utilize research workspace and tools, and receive consulting advice and training from seasoned analysts. The lab welcomes student as well as professional researchers and is staffed by graduate consultants. D-Lab is open to researchers from all disciplines and levels of experience.

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