Shakespeare's Staging explores the history of Shakespeare performance through images, videos, essays and bibliographies. The site is designed to be a resource for teachers and students of Shakespeare as well as for performers and directors of the plays. The audio-visual collection includes materials spanning from Shakespeare's original stage all the way through contemporary productions, and focuses on the many ways performance spaces can be used to realize Shakespeare's texts. Of special interest is a gallery showcasing the construction of the new Globe Theatre in London, as well as photographs and videos of several Berkeley Shakespeare Program productions, all of which are exclusive to the site. Essays discuss performance questions related to individual plays as well as more general topics such as Renaissance theories of audience response and the possible exchange of influence between English and Spanish playwrights. Bibliographies cover a wide range of critical literature in addition to reviews of contemporary performances. As the site evolves, it will eventually include a teaching module demonstrating how the site's audio-visual materials can be used by students in the writing of research papers on Shakespeare's plays.

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