RES ROMANAE: University of California, Berkeley Roman Material Culture Research Laboratory serves as the portal for reporting the activities and presenting the research results obtained by the members of the Berkeley Roman Material Culture Research Group, an informal grouping of faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students associated with UC Berkeley whose research interests focus on the investigation of the material culture of the Roman world.  RES ROMANAE presents professional profiles of the group members, a description of the UC Berkeley Material Culture Laboratory facility, and descriptions of the various research projects being carried out by group members, while also serving as a portal for the on-line presentation of the results of some of these initiatives.  RES ROMANAE also makes available via download publications that have been produced by group members and presents links to various resources on the UC Berkeley campus and further afield relevant to the study of Roman material culture.

RES ROMANAE, which is currently under construction (housed in the Pantheon sandbox), will go live in time for the beginning of the 2015-2106 academic year.  At the time of its launch it will present the results of La Creta Fatta Concreta: The Italian Ceramic Clay Project, a research project that provides detailed information about the properties of a set of 120 ceramics clays from central Italy.  Other projects that will have their results presented on the site on a rolling basis as these become available include the Palatine East Pottery Project and the Pompeii Artifact Life History Project.