Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Digital Humanities

Dr. Adam G. Anderson (admndrsn@berkeley.edu) joined UC Berkeley in 2017 as a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Digital Humanities at Berkeley. Since then he has worked as a post-doc lecturer in Digital Humanities and in Data Science. As an academic coordinator for Digital Humanities at Berkeley, Adam is co-author and designer of the Theory and Methods and Archives curriculum for the DigHum Minor and Certificate Program. He served as a co-coordinator for the Digital Humanities Working Group (DHWG) and Computational Text Analysis Working Group (CTAWG), as well as the topic area lead in Network Analysis and Text Analysis at the D-Lab. His work brings together the fields of computational linguistics, archaeology and Assyriology / Sumerology to quantify the socio-economic landscapes emerging during the Bronze Age in the ancient Near East. His research interests include the Old Assyrian archives, the Sumerian Ur III archives, prosopographical and geospatial mapping. He applies computational Language modeling (NLP) to large datasets of ancient texts and archaeological records, in order to better understand the lives of individuals and groups within ancient societies, and to relate these findings within the context of our lives today. Education:

  • PhD, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University (2018)
  • MA (zwischenprüfung), Assyriology, Ludwig-Maximilians University (2008)
  • BA, Linguistics, Brigham Young University (2006)

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