DH at Berkeley Awards More than $200K in Grants

Digital Humanities at Berkeley recently awarded more than $200,000 in grants to UCB community members. The grants will promote collaborative research and the development of new DH courses.


14 research teams will be funded for projects that range from database development to algorithmic analytical tools.

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New Courses and Course Development Grants for AY 2016-17


Grants for New Digital Humanities Courses

With the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Digital Humanities at Berkeley invites faculty to propose new undergraduate and graduate courses. These courses will develop students’ skills in the critical analysis and application of digital tools and methodologies. UC Berkeley faculty members and tenured lecturers (SOE) are invited to apply.

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Digital Humanities at Berkeley Grant Awards in Collaborative Research and New Courses

Digital Humanities at Berkeley is pleased to announce grant awards inthe areas of Collaborative Research and New Courses. Digital humanities consulting is available to all researchers, regardless of their funding status. This project is supported by the Andrew W. Mellon grant: Capacity Building and Integration in the Digital Humanities.  View all Digital Humanities at Berkeley funded projects and courses.

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Request for proposals: collaborative research and new courses

Berkeley Prosopography Services collaborators, Patrick Schmitz and Laurie Pearce

Digital Humanities at Berkeley welcomes new proposals for collaborative research projects and creating new digital humanities courses.  Read the full RFP here. Proposals and letters of commitment are due May 26th.  Consultation is available to all prospective applicants.  Please contact digitalhumanities@berkeley.edu to schedule a consultation.  

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Digital Humanities at Berkeley Funded Grants

We are pleased to announce the Digital Humanities at Berkeley funded grants. There was an overwhelming response to the call, particularly in the area of collaborative research. Research IT looks forward to continuing to support both funded and unfunded projects with consulting and technical assistance. All collaboration greatly benefits the Digital Humanities at Berkeley program as outlined by the Andrew W. Mellon grant: Capacity Building and Integration in the Digital Humanities.

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Request for proposals and information session

Digital Humanities at Berkeley would like to encourage UC Berkeley faculty, graduate students and staff to apply for grants for creating new digital humanities courses, integrating digital humanities components into existing courses, and for collaborative research. The full RFP is now available. Applicants must submit a brief statement of interest by December 12, 2014. Proposals are due January 12, 2015, with notification by February 10, 2015.

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