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Seminar: Characterization and Gender, 1800-2008


Ted Underwood teaches in the School of Information Sciences and the English Department at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He was trained as a Romanticist and now applies machine learning to large digital collections. His most recent book, Distant Horizons: Digital Evidence and Literary Change (Univ of Chicago, Spring 2019) addresses new perspectives opened up by large digital libraries.

Seminar reading:

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Seminar | Quantifying without Computers


Laura McGrath is the Associate Director of the Stanford University Literary Lab and a postdoctoral fellow in English. Her primary interests lie in computational approaches to post45 American fiction. She is at work on a manuscript, a literary history of the agent, entitled Middlemen: Making Literature in the Age of Multimedia Conglomerates. She is also working on a second, trade book called Comps: The Big Data Behind the Book Business.

Seminar readings:

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Change and Stillness: Bodies and Gestures within Sensor Technology

This event is a combined open lab, talk, and live demonstration. Each 1.5 hour session is designed to showcase multi-disciplinary art making processes that utilize and engage with sensor technology. Live demonstrations will take place as well as an introduction to the history of sensor technology development at Berkeley.

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Digital Humanities at Berkeley Summer Institute 2016

Photo: DH Pedagogy workshop at DHBSIDigital Humanities at Berkeley will be hosting its Summer Institute (DHBSI) from August 15 - 19, 2016. The Summer Institute is an opportunity for the Berkeley digital humanities community to gather for intensive training and collaboration. The Summer Institute is open to faculty, staff, postdocs, and graduate students affiliated with Berkeley through fall semester 2016. The program is free of cost for all participants.

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Workshop: Out of the Archives, Into Your Laptop

Before you head out to do research in the archives this semester, please join us for a workshop on best practices for gathering and digitizing research materials. This workshop will focus on capturing visual and manuscript materials, but will be useful for any researcher collecting research materials from archives. Topics covered will include smart capture workflows, preserving and moving metadata, copyright, and platforms for managing and organizing your research data.


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