The public are welcome to join us at the following events!


11:30 AM - 1 PM

250 Sutardja Dai Hall

Hathi Trust Reserach Center Presentation:

The HathiTrust is a consortium of research libraries, and its digital library currently contains over 14 million items. The HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) seeks to make this very large collection accessible for non-consumptive research via algorithmic text analysis. This session will introduce attendees to the HTRC’s tools and services, including how to execute algorithms against user-created sub-collections of text, how to use the HathiTrust+Bookworm tool for lexical trend discovery, and how to perform text analysis using HTRC-developed infrastructure and datasets.

5 PM - 8 PM

315 Academic Innovation Studio 117 Dwinelle Hall

Keynote Address: Tara McPherson, "DH by Design: Alternative Origin Stories for the Digital Humanities"

The story of the digital humanities is often narrated at a decades-long history of the computational manipulation of print.  What alternative histories are concealed by such a story? How might we imagine DH differently if we move beyond a focus on text toward multimodal expression and design?  What audiences might such work reach? This talk will trace some of the alternate histories of DH, paying particular attention to the visual and the political by engaging the work of feminists, artists, and scholars of color.  I will also consider how scholarly evidence might be engaged anew through the aesthetic possibilities of the digital archive.  By taking up the work of the Vectors Lab, I will approach these questions through concrete examples of digital scholarship today.


12 PM - 3 PM

250 Sutardja Dai Hall

Critical Approaches Panel

  • Abigial De Kosnik, "CancelColbert: Suey Park's Asian American Diva Citizenship"
  • Michael Dumas, "Antiblackness and the Untimeliness of Black Childhoods: Some Notes Against Linearity in the Investigation and Analysis of Racial Progress in Education"
  • José R. Lizárraga and Arturo Cortez, "#QueeringThePresent, #QueryingTheFuture: The learning, identity, and performativity of new possible futures through digital queerness online."
  • Alisa Bierria, "Third World Liberation Front Interactive Digital Timelines"
  • Francesco Spagnolo, moderator


11:30 AM - 1 PM

250 Sutardja Dai Hall

Michael Winckler, Administrative Director, Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing Heidelberg University "Are you still searching – or do you compute already? Computational Methods in Digital Humanities"

Digitizing the humanities seems to be the first and foremost topic for digital humanities. After all, this is what the term stands for. On the basis of detailed digital information, state-of-the-art digital humanities aims to understand data in a more fundamental way. Employing mathematical models and computational algorithms, this understanding of digital data can produce patterns of information that are not visible under human inspection. In this lecture we give three examples of areas, where computational humanities opens the door into science-inspired workflows for research and scholar collaboration in the humanities.


11:30 AM - 1 PM

250 Sutardja Dai Hall

Adam Anderson: "The Tale of Šišaḫšušar"

The Tale of Šišahšušar is story which depicts a scholarly expedition 4,000 years in the making. Beginning with the discovery of 6,000 ancient cuneiform tablets, found in central Turkey, we will explore the methods and results of a large digitization effort culminating in a social network analysis of a population of ca. 30,000 Assyrians and Anatolians living in Kanesh (Kültepe, Tk), an Assyrian colony in 1970-1720 BC. After visualizing the expanse and diversity of the population, we will use these tools to focus in on the remnants of an otherwise unknown woman named Šišahšušar, the concubine of a wealthy Assyrian merchant in these texts, in order to explore the impact of cultural migration on the female population in and around Kanesh.

2 PM - 3 PM

250 Sutardja Dai Hall

Justin Underhill: "Digital Documentation and Cultural Heritage"