Category: History

Vietnamese Intellectual Networks Database

The Vietnamese Intellectual Networks Database provides detailed data regarding key Vietnamese intellectuals, their geographic movement, and their intellectual networks. Based on primary and secondary sources, the database seeks to highlight the historical nuances of each trip by charting modes of transit, activities in situ, and engagements between intellectuals. In this way, this database thus would form a nucleus for ongoing spatial research into Vietnamese intellectual networks.

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The Rise of the Chinese Meritocracy: A Digital Approach to the Study of Cultural Change in Tenth-Century China

This project explores the sudden appearance in the 10th c. of a meritocratic culture that transformed Chinese elite society and constituted the ideological foundation of China's famous civil service exams. My earlier work used GIS, social network analysis, and a very large biographical database to explain the physical demise of China’s aristocracy. This project now complements that sociopolitical research with a study that explains the accompanying cultural change as a product of the rampant migration of the era.

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