DH Fellows Lecture Series Fall '17 Recap

DH Fellows

The Digital Humanities at Berkeley Fellows Lecture Series brings together the campus DH community for scholarly presentations and informal discussion of specific aspects of digital humanities practice. Each meeting a different Fellow presents their ongoing work before the conversation is opened to hands-on experimentation in addition to questions, and comments. Intended to further the critical understanding and practice of the digital humanities at Berkeley, these lectures are intended for both existing and prospective DH practitioners.

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DHSI 2018: Tuition Scholarships and Cohort Activities

Digital Humanities at Berkeley invites current UC Berkeley faculty, students, and academic staff to take advantage of our offerings for full tuition or discounted tuition in June 2018. The application deadline is midnight on Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017. We particularly encourage applications from departments in the Division of Arts & Humanities.

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Third Annual Summer Institute – DHBSI 2018

The third annual Digital Humanities at Berkeley Summer Institute (DHBSI), August 14-18, 2017, offered 4 courses to 65 participants. Participants, consisting of graduate students, undergraduate students, postdocs, faculty, and staff, chose from one of four courses: Structuring and Annotating Data Archives for Analysis, Data workflows and Network Analysis, Maps for Humanists, and Computational Text Analysis. Supplementing the week-long courses were daily lectures and talks open to the broader campus community. 

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Undergraduates Shape Berkeley’s Digital Humanities

By Jessica Martinez


There’s a new interdisciplinary student association forming on campus... Berkeley’s first undergraduate-led group for Digital Humanities: BUDHA


 What is BUDHA?

 The Berkeley Undergraduate Digital Humanities Association (BUDHA) is a growing group of undergraduates who

  • Have taken Digital Humanities classes or are curious about the field

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