Digital Humanities, Public History, and How We Remember the Past: An Introduction to the Living New Deal

The New Deal, that constellation of economic stimulus policies and social programs enacted to lift Americans out of the Great Depression, was about more than building post offices and bringing electricity to rural folk. Asking for the participation of millions of Americans effected a conceptual shift in how the nation thought of itself. Indeed, the New Deal promoted a sense that our past, present, and future were best understood by drawing together multiple voices and experiences.

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Project Sustainability in DH: Collaboration and Community

Last week, we discussed project sustainability through the lens of who builds DH projects and who maintains them. Project sustainability can also be viewed as the way a project connects to adjacent tools and communities, both actively and passively. Who uses your project and how easy it is for someone to create a derivative use? How interoperable is your project —how easy it is for your project to connect to other tools and data sources?

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The Cost of Customization: Building, Maintaining, and Sustaining DH Projects

All digital humanities projects, even ones which are relatively technically simple, are built in an ecosystem of connected, interdependent technologies. Many projects will experience downtime, or even “break” as various pieces of that software are updated, rendering old connections obsolete or incompatible. Unfortunately, funding proposals in the digital humanities are structured so as to offer limited resources for technical support after the conclusion of project development. Funds may be allocated for the cost of hosting or storage, but maintenance support for a project will be limited.

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Lynn Cunningham (Visual Resources Center) invited to NEH Summer Institute on 3D modeling of cultural heritage sites

Lynn Cunningham, Principal Digital Curator at the Visual Resources Center, will be attending the NEH Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities Summer Institute on Advanced Challenges in Theory and Practice in 3D Modeling of Cultural Heritage Sites, co-hosted by University of Massachusetts Amherst and UCLA.   Participants will engage with issues facing scholars working with 3D content with an emphasis on the end user experience.

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Request for proposals: collaborative research and new courses

Berkeley Prosopography Services collaborators, Patrick Schmitz and Laurie Pearce

Digital Humanities at Berkeley welcomes new proposals for collaborative research projects and creating new digital humanities courses.  Read the full RFP here. Proposals and letters of commitment are due May 26th.  Consultation is available to all prospective applicants.  Please contact to schedule a consultation.  

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