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We invite members of the DH community to join us at the following event. DH Fellow Elizabeth Honig will discuss her ongoing work with the Jan Brughel project and the Open Catalogue Raisonne platform. Read more on Honig's project:

Art History in the Age of Big Data

11:30 am | 11/13/2015 | 308A Doe Library

Elizabeth Honig, Associate Professor of History of Art, UC Berkeley, specialist in European art 1400-1700
Melissa Geisler Trafton, Senior Researcher, Fitz H. Lane Project, specialist in nineteenth-century American art

Art history's data-based foundation has regained interest in the digital age, as new tools are developed to create interactive learning and research experiences. The presenters will discuss their online projects linking information about artworks to rich caches of data.

Please bring your own sandwich; sodas will be provided.

Margaretta M. Lovell, Jay D. McEvoy, Jr., Professor of American Art, UC Berkeley, specialist in American and English art and architecture 1700–present

Co-Sponsored by:

  • The Townsend Center for the Humanities
  • Digital Humanities at Berkeley, Arts & Humanities Division, College of Letters & Science
  • Jay D. McEvoy, Jr., Chair in American Art Funds
  • History of Art Department