Mary Elings, Head of Digital Collections at the Bancroft Library, recently presented a talk, “Archives-Based Digital Humanities Projects: Transformative Potential at Institutions Large and Small” at the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI).  Mary Elings presents at HackFSM judging event

How can digital archiving practices be substantively incorporated into pedagogies and curricula targeting university students? How might digital archiving processes, including digitization, transcription, and metadata creation, be incorporated in higher education curricula, so as to create meaningful learning opportunities for students? These questions are addressed by Charlotte Nunes (Southwestern U.) and Mary Elings (UC Berkeley), as they draw on case studies from multiple projects to demonstrate how targeted,  archives-based digital humanities projects can enhance research and pedagogy at different types of institutions.

Mary shared her experiences as an organizer of #HackFSM, a student hackathon for the Bancroft’s Free Speech Movement Digital Archive (watch it here) You can read more about #HackFSM in the organizers’ whitepaper, “#HackFSM: Bootstrapping a Library Hackathon in Eight Short Weeks."

Photo: Mary Elings presents at the HackFSM judging event on Cal Day | Credit: Quinn Dombrowski, CC BY-SA 2.0