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How do we assess student engagement in the digital humanities and find new strategies for captivating students in the classroom? In what ways can we creatively utilize pedagogical tools in the digital classroom? What resources are available to digital humanist teachers at the UC Berkeley campus? And how can we foster communities for sharing new digital humanities innovations and best practices? These are some of the questions that our pedagogy panel leaders will engage with in their presentations and discussions. 


Quantifying Discourse

Greg Niemeyer + MacKenzie Alessi, Art Practice/Berkeley Center for New Media
Monday, August 17 | 11 AM - 12 PM | 254 Sutardja Dai Hall
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In recent online courses, we found that grades and the novel engagement index are radically different ways of assessing the transformative experiences of students associated with courses and studying. The contrasts between these assessment methods lead to fundamental questions about the meaning of education and institutional validation, and show a path toward collaborative learning.

The Science of Learning

Richard Freishtat, Center for Teaching & Learning
Tuesday, August 18 | 11 AM - 12 PM | 254 Sutardja Dai Hall
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This presentation discusses how to re-frame the ways in which pedagogical tools are chosen and employed in course/s. Key insights are provided regarding how students learn as well as ways to integrate these insights into an easily replicable process for re/designing a course.

Technology Services to Support Teaching & Learning

Noah Wittman, Educational Technology Services
Thursday, August 20 | 11 AM - 12 PM | 254 Sutardja Dai Hall
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This presentation will highlight new campus technology services to support teaching and learning. Among other things, we will cover exciting bCourses features, Academic Integrity services, and a new collaborative service space in Dwinelle Hall to support instructional innovation. 

Humanizing the Digital Learning Environment

Rita-Marie Conrad, Center for Teaching & Learning
Friday, August 21 | 11 AM - 12 PM | 254 Sutardja Dai Hall
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This presentation provides a framework that can be used in engaging learners in a digital learning environment and discusses key strategies to use in each phase of the framework.


Berkeley Center for New Media
Educational Technology Services

Center for Teaching and Learning

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