Category: Spring 2018

VR and its Prehistories: The Art and Science of Transplanar Images

This course will investigate 3d images from their development as a popular photographic medium in the nineteenth century to their current digital reemegence. We will closely study the optics that structure transplanar images and learn how to make or own. We will also examine 3D moving images in cinema and video games, the challenges and opportunities facing the current VR/AR market, and new visualization strategies that 3D affords for medicine, psychology, manufacturing, and cultural heritage.

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Digital Humanities for Medieval Studies

This course serves as an introduction to the practice of digital humanities in the field of Medieval Studies. The goals of the course are threefold: --to explore the conceptual terrain of digital humanities and to become familiar with debates about digital humanities; --to learn a series of basic skills in digital humanities practice, including tools for digitizing manuscripts (XML and TEI); text analysis and statistics (Voyant, Wordhoard, and others); text analysis in Python; stylometry; topic modeling; network analysis and visualization; 3D modeling; and resources for publishing and presenting research; --to explore the extensive world of digital humanities projects in Medieval Studies, in a range of fields from literature to history to art history to musicology to manuscript studies and more.

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Media, Ecology, Migration

This seminar will read theories of old and new media through the lens of two conceptual frameworks environmental criticism and migration studies. Tracing the effects of movement and stillness, interaction and connectivity from early cinema to social media and new forms of data visualizations, participants will develop their own research projects and methodologies by relating questions arising from theory to practice.

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