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Maelia DuBois

Maelia DuBois is the Assessment Fellow for Digital Humanities at Berkeley and a graduate student in History.

For Digital Humanities, DuBois has designed fidelity/process and impact evaluation plans for multiple DH courses across disciplines. Her works helps DH at Berkeley to understand and assess the impact of the digital humanities on campus.

DuBois' historical interests include Imperial Germany, Second Wave Colonialism, 19th Century Europe, Cultural History, Women's History, World War I, Exploration, and Militarism.

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Brendan Mackie

Brendan Mackie is the Consulting Coordinator for Digital Humanities at Berkeley and a graduate student in History.His DH interests and expertise include content analysis, network analysis, and large online archives.Mackie's historical work examines social life in Britain's long 18th century, particularly how people interacted with each other in rapidly growing cities. His past projects have analyzed coffeehouses and Christmas in this context. He is currently working on project about change ringing. 

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Claudia von Vacano

Claudia brings to the digital humanities program a richness of interdisciplinary experience, having worked in fields such as data-intensive social science, education, design, art practice, and literature.From 2000 to 2005, she managed an annual budget of 5 million dollars a year as coordinator for the Oakland Unified School District. She designed and developed an online information system for fiscal and programmatic accountability. She also managed and trained staff in order to implement programs and gather data from school sites with varying levels of technological capacity.

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Quinn Dombrowski

Quinn Dombrowski is the Digital Humanities Coordinator in Research IT at UC Berkeley, and the lead developer for the DiRT (digital research tools) directory, and the DHCommons digital humanities project / collaborator matching hub. She holds a BA/MA in Slavic Linguistics from the University of Chicago, and an MLS from the University of Illinois.

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