Category: History of Art

Art in Public

This seminar explores art’s public presence in the United States from the late nineteenth century to the present. Class sessions will consider works ranging from monumental sculptures and murals to performances and ephemeral expression, focusing on how various audiences have understood, valued, and contested the “use” of art in their public lives. Through readings, discussions and visits to sites around the Bay Area, we will investigate how place and community might instantiated in, formulated through, or defamiliarized by artworks.

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Humanists on the Move

This class is about Renaissance humanists and how we can use digital means, as well as traditional ones, to study them. Our particular focus is on the ways people were connected in the renaissance -- as patrons, as readers, as travelers, as correspondents. Students will gather data about the travels and connections of their individual humanists. Then, working in groups, they will form databases and use mapping and network analysis on their data to chart interconnections between these historical figures over time.

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