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Early Modern Scholar­-Printers Online

This project is designed to pilot a digital space where the enormously influential, but overlooked, contributions of early modern scholar­printers (the information managers of the early modern age) can be displayed, searched, debated, and collaboratively expanded and revised. It looks to offer advanced researchers, teachers, and students a resource for understanding not only who these important figures were, but how, why, and where they went about printing the texts they did.

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Linda Louie

Linda Louie is a graduate student in the Romance Languages and Literatures program, emphasis French, with a Designated Emphasis in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies. She works on the history of French translation from the late Middle Ages to the Renaissance. Research interests include French, Italian, Spanish, and Occitan literature, manuscript studies, history of the book, translation studies, language standardization, imitation in Renaissance humanism, and textual transmission and reception.

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