Erik Champion's Upcoming Talks on Cultural Heritage, Virtual Environments, and Gaming

Join us in welcoming internationally renowned Erik Champion to UC Berkeley campus February 10-14, 2014 for a series of workshops and talks on critical gaming in cultural heritage, archaeology, and digital humanities. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to hear from Erik Champion! Remember to also check out our 'Events' page for a curated list of digital humanities events at UC Berkeley.

(Note the times and locations for each event)

“What is Virtual Heritage?”

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On Preserving Digital Culture & Digital Projects

As someone who studies history, I often think about how our understanding of the past is shaped by our capability to remember and also to preserve.  In my past experience at the colonial archives, I was thrilled to look through handwritten correspondence, but I always felt that my historical interpretation was like guessing at the image of an infinite-numbered piece puzzle while only possessing a few of its pieces.

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Reflections on an International Workshop on Digital Humanities

I was kindly invited to Umea, Sweden for the Sorting the Digital Humanities Out Workshop convened by Patrik Svensson (@patriksv) from HUMlab, which has left me with lots of inspiration for the digital humanities community at UC Berkeley. I was also really struck by the nature of international discussions on digital humanities, particularly when it came to addressing transnational challenges regarding community and infrastructure (institutional, spatial, and digital).

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Choosing a platform for your project website

Learning HTML is no longer a requirement for building a website for your project. There are many platforms-- general-purpose platforms and ones tailored to specific kinds of projects-- that allow you to build much more sophisticated project sites than would be possible if you were building from scratch. When choosing a platform for your project website, the major factors to consider include functionality, familiarity, community, support, and cost.

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Discovering digital humanities on campus

Campus resources can be both exciting and dizzying. As a new graduate student at UC Berkeley, I spent most of my first semester lost in a sea of academic resources, departments, research centers, and events. I realize now that many of my meaningful connections I made revolved around the burgeoning community of digital humanities here at UC Berkeley.

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